Profile: Get to know photographer Veikko Aitamutro

Veikko Aitamurto has been documenting Sami life since the sixties. He followed the family of Jouni Aikio for years and took a lot of spectaculair pictures of Sami during that time. We had the opportunity to interview this artist and got a look in the life of Sami through his experience.

Profile: get to know comic artist Ville Tietäväinen

With our profile project, we want to show you the comic artists and the photographers behind the artworks. This time, we introduce you to comic artist Ville Tietäväinen  We went to his studio in Helsinki, where we got the change to know him better. Ville Tietäväinen is a really talentful comic artist. The government also saw this, and gave him some money to make a book about an immigrant. Tietäväinen also made a comic for the Collection. Next to comic artist, he is also an architect, graphic designer and illustrator. Excited to know more about him? Don’t wait any longer and watch the video!